Drive clutch jerky engagement


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This is for people that have the power spring in there drive clutch.

Well, I have learned some things over the weekend doing some warranty work from last years machined clutches at my campground.

#1 and only complaint, engine winds up and then jerks taking off. On the newer carts it was worse in reverse. In the older carts, it wasn't near as bad but bad enough for the wives to complain even if the guy liked it. But anyway.........

I finally found the fix. Even after tearing the drive clutch apart and cleaning it all very good, re-assembling and testing, we could not get the jerk out of it. So we tore my clutch apart to see what made them different. And what we found was amazing. You got to remember that my clutch was an old wore ut thing that should of been tossed in the trass. Inside was all worn including wear on the pins with grooves everywhere. My clutch was SLOPPY inside. You can shake mine and the fingers would move everywhere. Back and forth with a little side to side play. The only good part in there was the bearing and Toms spring. Other than that, it should be pitched.

Well, we checked the clutch on the bench and the fingers in it were not tight but not sloppy either. They would not move if yuou held it up and shake it. You could move the fingers back and forth with ease and there was no side to side play either. With a stock spring in it, it funtioned as it should. Smooth engagement. With Tom's power spring, it jerked. So.... The fix.....

We took each finger out and bent the curved washer flatter so it would not push the weight away from the finger when installed. Giving it some side to side slop that created back and forth slop. After doing all 3, you could hold up the clutch and shake it and the fingers now moved around like my old clutch. pUT IT BACK ON AND NOW IT SHIFTS SOOOOOOO SMOOOOOOOOOTHHHHHHH!!!!!!

All fixed. We did 5 carts that day and 3 others that said they were fine but they sure liked it after we were done. I wish we would of discovered this last year. But hey, live and learn.