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'94 BMW 325 is, '80 Chevy Malibu
These are new DSR projects. The BMW is my 20yr olds. The engine trans from the boo are going into his car and I'm gonna BB the Malibu. We split the cost of the boo, so I have 7 hundy invested so far. :rotflmao:


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that chevy is you, a little black shoe polish rubbed on ya and you'll be sittin' fat


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was at the local track last night and this crazy big block nova on a street tire....

with a fresh motor they didnt run the NOS i quess it holds a record and after last night was on the way to vegas and then georga to compete....

it has run a best of 4.50 et @ 150 mph in the 1/8 last night on the motor and not leaving hard it ran low 6's @ 120 mph pretty crazy to give it full throttle at half track and still run 120 mph



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Goin' to pick up a 12 bolt posi for the Malibu tomorrow.
Lookin' for a small block and 2 speed for it.