Drag Racing


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The small block is in the BMW.
I need a small block and tranny for the Malibu.
Took the 350/350 outta the bu for the beamer, bought a 396/400 for the bu, found a screamin' deal on the monte so I put the 396/400 in the monte, now the bu has no go...


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i think he thinks i'm gonna tie him to the wood shed door, i told him its all good he did say that he wasn't a big fan of helmets over the yrs :rotflmao:


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Getting ready to set black 55 up for drag racing

Gonna make my orange 55 street car
Gotta 63 nova making a gasser out of it
May race it
Not sure yet


im a chevy guy all the way but found out tonight that my friend is planning on selling her 71 hemi cuda i really like that car its a super nice show car. now all i need is a large pile of cash


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I stay away from dodge and Ford mainly because of the cost difference to build and interchangeable parts. Gm keeps cost down and you can built a big block in place of a 4 cyl. Relatively easy