Drag Racing Golf Carts In California


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we relocated the number plate to the wheelie bars... now the bars are out to be powder coated





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took it to the track last thursday.... circule track slicsk worked ok still havent not hit the 50+ yet

got a set of M&H used 22x8 slicks alot lighter so we will try them out in a few weeks...


Cartaholic - R.I.P.
we picked up some used 22/8/13 M&H drag slicks..and the wheelie bars are back from the powder coaters







Cartaholic - R.I.P.
ok so we welded the spider gears this week

behind our new show theres a big drive on truck scale so we weighed th cart again today

cart without wheelie bars

13" rear wheels with 22/8/13 MH slicks

10" front wheels with 19" tall scooters tires

6 PC 925

the cart weight ws 620 pounds....

we are going to add 4 more batts to make it 120 volt

so we started a new battery box to hold 12 batts

the new battery rack weighs 6 pounds the stock rack weighs 17 pounds

then we desided to make an alum. body and seat front support stock weight is 4 pounds

the new one with all the holes in it 1.5 pounds...

need to see where else we can skim some weight to make up the 100 pounds of batts we will install





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You can loose 75 lbs if you get rid of the 925 's & go with the er 30's... The er 30's have the same numbers just 6 lbs liter. :twocents:


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GBR if i had your bank account i would buy 10 new bats or even 20 680's but i have avery tight budget so we will just buy 4 more batts....

the other cart we will try to be as light as possiable.... this cart i still have the dash with cup holders , stock but custom seats... theres 75 pounds there....

this green cart for the most part we wont to look like a everyday cart so e can get business...

we will be starting on our pro mold chassis soon...


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Here you go Randy.... 22 -er 30...... 24- er 40...... 15- 1500 & 8- 2150.....You are welcome to borrow any battery you need.... Just pay shipment... I did have 180- volts of lithium ion batteries...Poof.... up in smoke at pageland.. Now they are just a $12,ooo dollar tax write off..