Drag Cart Update


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SO I finally got all 12 batteries. I am officially running 144v now. I have about 3 weeks to do some testing, and get it dialed in for the next race.
We lost one of our closest friends a month ago to cancer. they were our racing buddies, beer drinkin buddies, and best friends. They moved from right down the street from us, to Maryland so Mindy could be with her sister, and attend John Hopkins Cancer center. after Mindy passed, Chadd decided to stay in Maryland. On this forum, I think SER, and OYJ are the only ones who have met them. They went to my last few races that I put on for the OP racing series.
This cart has been turned into a tribute to Mindy and her Family. I plan on winning this race with the big bad gasser this time!

Sorry for the long post, but I felt like I should explain the reasoning for the "cancer cart"
Here is a few pictures



Nice! The onboard camera looks the ride was a little rough. :eek: :thumbsup:

If you link the videos from youtube the sound will work. For some reason videos linked from facebook have no sound.


It might be because they're hot linked from Facebook so if you're not logged into Facebook you may not be able to view them. :dazed: