Double Trouble

I have two Yamaha golf carts that seemingly have identical problems. Sometimes runs, sometimes not. When they do run, after a warm up period the spark goes away and they're dead. May take as long as overnight to run again.
Also, sometimes the starter will continue to run after the key is turned off. Both carts have new coils and I've checked the wiring and it seems to be ok. Can an ignitor be intermittent like that? Any suggestions will be appreciated.


The igniter boxes do fail on these. sorta common

One from a g2 or g9 may work. There were some differences, but they were slight.

If the starter runs after you let your foot off the pedal:

Check the foot pedal switch for sticking.

replace the starter solenoid ( the ez go relay is 25.00 the white rogers relay is 100.00.

They both work as continuous duty solenoids and can be swapped.

install ground wires from the valve cover to the (-) battery post like the g-2 and g-9 carts.
(just to be sure)

I have seen pulse coils (pick-up coil) fail on these when hot, but I don`t remember changing too many.

You can ohm these. 500 to 600 ohms according to my g-9 book at 70 degrees temp.

double check all wire plug connections at the igniter box plug.

I have sen these filled with dirt.
I reallyn appreciate the input...particularily like the tip on cheaper solenoid option. I got one of the carts running today and it WAS the ignitor.. Thanks again.


Thats good to here! Again, these did have issues and I do remember replacing some here and there.

The white rogers solenoids never impressed me. I have rebuilt a few and thought they were junk.