Doing a Vegas Carts 625cc Conversion on my 2001 EZGO TXT


Glad to hear you're happy overall with the Vegas Carts engine swap. That's a nice looking EZGO you have there. Thanks for the details on doing your Vegas Carts engine conversion.


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rjwenter, my son-in-law and I are doing the same conversion, one problem we have is the very short throw of the gas pedal. The carb linkage only moves about 1 1/2 inches or so and pedal is still 4 inches off the floor when you hit throttle stop. Also the factory carb linkage is plastic and we were afraid someone tromping the pedal would break it. We solved that with a 1/4 -20 carriage bolt with two nuts through the extra hole in the linkage plate to stop the governor arm, that worked swell but the gas pedal is touchy and too fast. Also another problem is the choke, it also has a plastic arm and no way to hook up a choke cable. And, since off is toward the front of cart a cable will have to loop all the way around back of engine to pull in the right direction for normal push-pull on the knob. Choke seems necessary for us even on warm restart, not sure if break-in will help that. We, too, had to rotate differential forward for header pipe to clear belt, still only about 1" in. clearance, will see how that effects belt life. I don't like that there is no mixture screw to adjust carb only idle. It is dying at stops may need to raise idle, did you have that problem? Our engine shipped with the pulse nipple in the valve cover instead of out of the crankcase, we were told that was update, not sure, very powerful engine if we can tame it. lol, not for kids to drive tho!


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watched the start-up video, you seem to have way more gas pedal travel how did you do that we are using original cable with the spring cut off


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So after dinner last night I decided to put the exhaust on. I had held it in place and it looked like it would fit, but it's so tight I just had to check it out. Not a ton of clearance, but it fits. Hopefully I won't have any issues with it being so close to the clutch belt.

Vegas Carts is also sending me a new electronic governor. Turns out there is a yellow wire they cut off before sending out (since it's not necessary) and it looks like they accidentally cut the black wire too. Hopefully I get the package before the weekend.
I have the same set up as you with the belt too close to exhaust. I have a 2004 EZGO TXT with the Vegas 625cc (fast) my belt gets hot and cracks! I’m looking for a solution!


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