Dodge Hemi VS Ford Power Stroke


Hey guys, I looking at trading my 04 Dodge 1/2 ton Hemi quadcab in on a 04 Ford F350 quad cab w/Powerstroke. I was just curious to see if anyone would know the MPG differance between the 2. I get 19-21 mpg hyway, and around 15-16 intown with my Dodge (unloaded). I realize Deisil is a little more per gallon, but I thought they got more MPG.
I need something to haul the drag cart and stretch cart, or the sandrail out of state. So I'm looking for a 3/4 or 1 ton. oh yeah and my Dodge is 2x4 and the F350 i'm looking at is 4x4.


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The ford will get the same,maybe a bit less.You can put a few parts on it and gain a few mpgs.


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I have a 2010 F450 service truck with the power stroke. power is great. can tow just about anything I would want to. thats a different story. Much to be desired in that department.