do they have


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can any one tell me if there is a reed switch in a 48 volt club car mid 90?
last year they try'd changing batteries and cart has not been the same since, trouble with the charger from the get go. now i got it,i have 48 volts to the pack and to the charger unit but try'd jumping the solenoid and got nothing, before i tell her its the controller i thought i'd ask. ''some questions'' thanks bcgc


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Club Car doesnt use reed switches they use MICRO switches mounted on the back of your F&R switch, and usually one mounted in the speed control.
It would be very helpful to have the correct year and type of speed controller used. So many carts that age have been modified to the point of being a combination of new and old styles.
Does it have the pie shaped control in between the batterys under the drivers seat, or a unit under the passenger side floor?