Do I need a new spindle or what?


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My rear wheel locked up!

I have a 1984 Club Car electric that I bought used 11 years ago.
I use it every day winter and summer.
We heat our house with an outdoor wood furnace.
I even keep the furnace going all summer, just to heat the hot water.
I cut wagon loads of wood and use the golf cart to pull them to the furnace.

I install tire chains in winter otherwise the tires just spin when we get freezing rain.
There really isn't enough clearance between the tire and the suspension,
so last fall I installed lug spacers that I bought on eBay.
They give an additional 1.5 inches of clearance.

My driver's side rear tire locked up today and started dragging.
I found that 3 of the lug bolts were missing completely,
and the fourth was disconnected from the spindle.
The lug bolt just rotates freely.
The lug nuts were still connected to the spacers.

Do I need a new spindle or what?


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Spindle is front, axle is rear. Can you take any pictures and post them on here?


Those lug spacers work loose when used with steel wheels. Wheel spacers would be a better option.


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Those individual lug type spacers create too much stress on the wheel stud. Especially if you are using it in such extreme conditions. The wheel studs have propably worked loose in the rear drum and/or front hub which most likely has ruined the drum/hub. Please use aluminum wheel spacers, nut stud extenders.