DIY Metal Garage


My dream is to have a new 40x60 garage building, but at the current construction price quote of 30,000 for the structure only, it's not happening soon. I know how to weld, would it be stupid to try and diy a metal garage?

The structure does not look overly complicated.



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You turned a old Honda into an electric car !! Hell Yes you can build a metal building. check to see if you have a surplus steel yard around you we have one in Fort Wayne that sell's steel for .30 cents a pound they have all kind's of steel tubing,angle and flat stock. check around you probly can find surplus steel siding and rofing sheet.
I cant wait to see this build


I'd do a little shopping on prices. My dad bought a 40x60 pole barn kit with 16 ft high walls for around 15k delivered. All the beams are I-Beams and it's a very stout building. The kit he bought included 2 16x16 insulated roll up doors, insulation, 2 electric door openers and service door. Everything but the cement which cost almost as much as the building.
Once the cement was poured 5 of us had the building up in 4 days. It was pretty easy to assemble.

The company had cheaper kits but he went with the best one they sold. This was 4 years ago so I'm sure they're more now...


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My shop, 24X32 used to be a drive in photo finishing store. It was going to be torn down so a guy got permission to tear it down and save it. Then, when he moved from Duluth, he gave it to another guy that he owed money to.. It had laid in a pile in this guys yard for years and that is where I came in. I went and looked at it and started tearing structural pieces out and trying to figure what they were and where they went. I had no experience with steel buildings. Anyway, I bought the pile for $900 and it laid in a pile at my house for a few years. Then, I had a slab poured and I put the whole building up by myself. And it's great having a shop.

I think building one yourself is a mistake. It would cost you more than a few times more than it would to buy one. Keep your ear to the ground, you will find a deal sooner or later.