DIY Lithium Ion 56 Volt Golf Cart Battery Conversion


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Darn, you guys can be rough of each other! ;)

So, just had the first failure on the Li Ion conversion. poop. But not too bad. The on-board battery charger crapped out.
The charger was a cheap 56v 5A for about $60. It had always worked perfectly, but it just died. Wouldn't light up at all. So I took it out and opened it up and found a bunch of dead stink bugs in it. One was missing its head and I could see a spot of burned bug guts inside the box. There were 2 surface mount resistors that were obviously burned out so I soldered in a couple of axial style replacements. The problem was that on one of the resitors I could only read the last digit, so I did the only logical thing and guessed at the first 2 digits. I soldered in the replacements and was pretty pleased with the way it looked. I plugged it in and POW, a flash, smoke, the top of a capacitor shot off, and generally a mess. That would certainly have wiped out the entire colony of stink bugs.
So I just ordered another cheap charger, but it is black friday on amazon so instead of $60, this one is only $43. YEA! Probably should have ordered 2. I had to stick with the same type of charger so that it will fit into the space where the old one did. Supposed to be here Monday. I will check for more stink bugs with the shop vac. I am going to blame the failure on them.