Disconnect Back up Alarm On a EZGO Golf Car


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I recently purchased a 2007 EZGO golf cart. The cart is great, but my wife keeps getting onto me about the back up alarm. Is there someway to disconnect this alarm without damaging anything else, and were exactly is it located. The reverse and forward are on the dash, next to the key switch. Is this a simple one wire removal or do I need to replace a switch or create a bypass. This is my first cart and my first post, this site is great, i have picked up a lot tips and ideas. Thanks to all that participate.


Your cart is a PDS system so the reverse buzzer is behind the plate the key switch is on. You can remove the top of the cup holder to get access. There's 3 tabs across the top of the cupholder where it meets the dash. If you squeeze the cup holder by the dash you will see them. You may need a wide blade screwdriver to release them. You can push the center pins out of the fasteners on the key switch plate and it will come off. The pins can be reused, they'll fall inside of the cup holder. Best bet is to put a piece of tape over the hole in the buzzer, it will make it much quieter. The buzzer is also used for diagnostic mode codes on a PDS cart. You can unhook one of the wires if you want to disable it but try the tape first.