Diode on E-Z-GO Electric Golf Cart Solenoid

I just finished installing new torque kit on my E-Z-GO electric golf cart. I turned key on and pressed the throttle and the diode on the solenoid blew and exploded. I rechecked the wiring diagram and all wires and it seems everything is ok. The only thing I noticed was the hot side of the solenoid was touching some metal from the golf cart itself. Could that have caused the diode to blow? Any other possible explanations? By the way this is a 92 EZGO Marathon electric golf cart.
shadowman, it is a 92 and could you fully explain the direction the diode goes on. also there is a small black wire that comes from the controller and an orange wire from the pot box, where do they attach to solenoid?


The stripe on the diode needs to aim at the small terminal on the solenoid that the red wires are connected to. Here's a wiring diagram for a EZGO Marathon golf cart with a electronic controller.