Differential conversion


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Is there any way, other than a rear-end replacement, to modify/enable BOTH rear wheels to pull at the same time on my 36v ClubCar?

I live in a sandy area and get stuck when pulling anything.

I have put knobby tires on the rear which helps somewhat, but it would be very beneficial to have BOTH rear wheels to pull, like posi-trac.


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for a full on lock just weld the spider gears inside the diff. but be careful because this can cause other parts to break.

i remember GB posting on BGW how to turn it into a LSD (limited slip diff) for an EZ-GO, he'll probably chime in here in a bit


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Limited slip is available, contact the site sponsors and see what they have to offer.
IMO, unless you have no other choice, avoid welding the spiders, it makes the cart difficult to turn corners.


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I agree with Dougmcp 100%. Put in a Limited slip kit if you just play in the sand.. All my carts have welded spider gears in them.. But the last thing I want them to do is turn ..


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This rear end has a home made positraction with a limited slip differential.. WTF did I just say!!!!! Yah that’s right... You can clearly see both tires pulling. But at the same time you can see how easy it turns...This set up works off of force. The greater the force the more the wheel will slip... As the cart turns it creates more pressure on the spider gears allowing one wheel to slip than having the same cart go in a straight line.. A cart going in a straight line has equal presser on the spider gear. Instead of welding your spider gears you pack them tight with some flat washers.. The washers will create enough pressure to make both wheels turn as a positraction but not enough that under a load that it want keep the spider gears from slipping allowing your cart to turn... Now the stack high you will have to play with.... I set mine at size plus .010.... And don’t use the same material for your washers.... That will cause the washers to seize & lock up....


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thats the way to do it
nobody wants to be this guy


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even the off road truck weld or spull there rear end... the big tires and dirt has anough flex that turning is not a big deal.... is the asphalt that we be hard to turn if you weld the gears...

even with welded gears you can go sideways in sand