Did I get a good deal?


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I purchased a Club Car from a private owner last week. I was wondering if I got a good deal or not.

I paid $2800.

Club Car (IR)
Built: 08/2002

According to the serial number it's a Electric I.Q. 48v Regen

It has six 2005 Trojan PowerDrive batteries.

It came with a Prower Drive2 48v battery charger.

Has extended roof, rear facing back seat, horn, blinkers, hazard blinkers, front lights, back break lights, front bumper, 4" lift kit and new rims and tires.

Runs great. No damage on the cart at all it is in perfect condition. Underside is clean. Kept in garage out of weather.



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Welcome, I think you got a good deal. Your '02 CC IQ cost you less as is than my '02 CC non-IQ cost me + lift kit, tires, wheels, and cargo box.