Did I get a good deal or not?

Georgia Fred

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Hey Gang!

I'm new here !

I just bought a Harley Cart on CraigsList for $400.

It is a 72 model and Is in Great shape mechanicaly ! It only has two or three small dings in the fiberglass .

I know very little about carts . but have experience with electric motors, batteries and mechanical stuff.

The Batteries were very low on water and had just a little charge. I have added water to the batteries and removed all the battery cables and cleaned them.

I intend to charge them overnight and then see what I have.

My Question is. Did I get a good deal or not ? 400 bucks seemed cheap to me !!

I intend to keep this cart mainly cause its a Harley and might be worth sumthin someday. I am retired and can use it to haul the grandkiddys around !

Thanks fer the help ! GaFred


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Sounds like a good deal to me. I got mine for free


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Great old HD!

For my mental databank, is that a factory color? T Every HD of that vintage I ever see is beige.

Georgia Fred

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It's probably not the factory color.

I live near the University of Georgia and everything around here is Red because of the school colors.

But it makes a nice lookin cart !