diamond plate cargo box


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I'm thinking about removing the cargo bed from my cart and making it a 4 seater cart. Just trying to see if anyone would be interested in buying it before I take it apart. It has 6 LED tail lights (4 running and 2 brake lights; wiring is run thru the tubes), Rhino coated ( has a few small chips), A cargo net and flag holders. All mounting hardware is stainless steel or aluminum. I dropped my camera in the mud a few weeks ago so no current picts. A friend of mine is coming over in the next few days to take picts for me. I'm thinking about $200.00 OBO plus shipping (problem is I have no clue on how to ship something this big)https://s499.photobucket.com/albums/rr358/flecksezgo/. Local p/u would be better and I would be in the Pocono Pa area on Labor day if that helps.


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You mean you didn't save the box it came in?
Mine came via UPS, just get a big cardboard box. Cut it down to fit, tape it up, label it, and ship it.

BTW, I corrected your picture link. Fleck's Wading Pines (I can't believe I got stuck in the puny little creek ) Weekend.

You could always mount a removeable seat in the bed. Like a Jeep rear seat. Then you have the best of both worlds.


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What's up Gonzo? Thanks for the help. I'm just looking to see if anyone would be interested. My cousin came over lastnight and we started thinin' about differrent set ups. We came up with a quick release set up that I could change from the bed to the rear seat setup just by pulling a few clevise pins and a 4 prong trailer plug for the lights. I'm gonna go that root if I don't get and reponses. I love having the bed on when I go offroading; and having the four seater for the Campground would be really cool. Also I bought a yard trailer to use ase a beer wagon so I think I have all the bases covered.
Taking the buggy to the Poconos for Labor day weekend; But we'll be down again before the end of the season.