Default light flashing in charger


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I am new to the golf cart game and just bought a 2007. I just installed new batteries and when I hook the charger up the red default light flashes. I checked all the cables and they are installed properly....HELP?!?!


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Here's a fault code chart that should help.

Powerwise QE and Delta Q Charger Fault Codes

SHORT GREEN FLASH = less than 80% charged
LONG GREEN FLASH = more than 80% charged
SOLID GREEN = 100% charged
RED FLASH = fault code

RED FLASH: Light turns on briefly, but does not
flash after that - check for valid AC voltage.

ONE RED FLASH: One flash, a pause and then
again one flash and a pause - Charge Enable
Fault: poor contact in the DC connector or dirty
contacts or Battery Temperature Fault: battery
temperature is greater than 122° F (50° C) or less
than 14° F (-10° C).

TWO RED FLASHES: Two flashes, a pause and
then again two flashes and a pause - Battery Voltage
Fault: Battery pack is less than 36.0 Volts or
more than 67.2 Volts. Battery pack is too discharged
or over charged for the charger to work.

THREE RED FLASHES: Three flashes, a pause
and then again three flashes and a pause - Battery
Charge Time-out: Charge time exceeded 24
hours. This may indicate a problem with the battery
pack or that the charger output current was
severely reduced due to high ambient temperatures.

FOUR RED FLASHES: Four flashes, a pause and
then again four flashes and a pause - Battery
Fault: Charge time exceeded. This indicates a
problem with the battery pack voltage not reaching
the required nominal level within the maximum
time allowed.

SIX RED FLASHES: Six flashes, a pause and
then again six flashes and a pause - Charger
Fault: An internal fault has been detected. If this
fault is displayed again after unplugging the
charger’s DC power cord and plugging it back in,
the charger must be taken to a qualified service


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Check to make sure you installed the batteries correctly and that you also attached the charging wires.


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Thanks for the replies. I checked the wiring and everything looks like it's hooked up properly. The charger has 6 flashes then pause then 6 flashes again. So looking at the chart it looks like the charger is bad. I'll have to get another one...