Decisions, Decisions...Gas Vs Electric, etc


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New to the Forum, so I apologize if this has been covered. I searched and read what I could find but still needed some more specifics.

I am in the market for a cart. My plan for usage is lifted, street use. We live on a small island and carts are legal on the streets here. I'm leaning toward Gas just because there is potential for longer rides and didn't want to get stuck waiting on a charge. So any input on the questions would be greatly appreciated.

I understand its personal preference and as long as you stay with the Big 3 (EZGO, Club, Yamaha) you should generally be ok.

1) As it pertains to each, what is the availability of upgrades / modification parts and accessories?

2) Any year models to avoid?

3) Gas vs Electric?
3A) If Electric, 36v or 48v and why?

4) Speed upgrades Gas vs Electric?

5) Reliability / Dependability Gas vs Electric?

6) Best sites for parts / accessories? I have found several, but just haven't dealt with any yet.

Thank you in advance for your input!



If you can use a gas cart on your streets your better of going with gas in my opinion.
There's plenty of upgrades for the big 3 so that's pretty equal.