Decision Between EZGO Series or PDS Golf Cart


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I am trying to make my final decision on purchasing a golf cart but would like a better understanding of the difference between the EZGO Series and EZGO PDS golf cart. I have driven numerous golf carts over the last 3 weeks. I have driven stock EZGO series and PDS golf carts with no lift kit and lifted with larger tires series and PDS golf carts. I cannot tell the difference in torque between the two with the stock wires and controller with the PDS golf cart being just a little quicker. The problem is that it is hard to compare the carts when all them I drove had different age batteries and different states of charge. My question is if a PDS golf cart or a series golf cart are both lifted and have larger tires with the stock controller how is the torque/speed comparable? With this being said adding a 400 amp Alltrax to both how is torque/speed compared? remember I will be using this at a hunting camp so torque will be the most important factor. Any input or experience will be greatly appreciated.


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The PDS carts are good carts but If your going to use the cart for hunting I'd recommend a series cart.


Stock go with a series.

If you are going to modify them then just pick one. Once you modify it it's all bets are off to which will out perform the other one. They are both going to act better with 48 volts. I just finished a Limo today upgraded to 48 volts with a 400 amp Alltrax programable. It's for the beach but man what a differance in speed. :twocents:


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FWIW, I have a hunting cart with the Alltrax AXE4855 CONTROLLER, and D&D HIGH TORQUE MOTOR. My motor is the series (Yeah......I think that's what it is. I'm hardly an expert on this. I did my homework 2 years ago when I bought it....and I've just been using it since!!!) and the Controller is programmed for low end torque....not speed.

I live and hunt in S.W. Pennsylvania. So, we have actually hills here. In fact, I had to have a set of Jake's front end Disc Brakes installed so my cart would actually stop on down hills. The factory rear only brakes would not stop the cart on a steep down hill.

My cart also has a limited slip differential. That makes a world of difference in going through the mud or snow. The cart is 48-V.

I haven't found a place where the cart will not take me.....but then I'm not out looking to get stuck either. And yes, I have used the winch to get me out of a few places I should not have been in. (Like last week in a 2 foot snow bank.....or last summer when the ditch was 3 foot deep and I didn't notice it because I was in 2 foot high know...stuff like that!!!)