Decided to Join the Lifted Golf Cart Crowd


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I decided to join the lifted golf cart crowd. Here are a few before and after pics of the stages of my cart. I just ordered a ton of new stuff to change it over. I will post pics as I add each new toy. I cant wait for UPS to arrive! I am very impatient. :wallbash: Here is my cart as I purchased it..

Here is my cart with lowered look..

Here it is now after 8" lift and 23" tires on 12's...And much more to come..


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Its a Buggies Unlimited 8" a-arm lift.. I hope it holds up as I have heard a few complaints on them..
So far I purchased a custom airbrushed body "black with candy blue streaks" from a local dealer "Sweitzer's".. I have ordered online.. All Sports stainless elite nerf bars, jakes stainless safari brush bumper, custom made seats in black, grey and blue from xt-innovations, stainless column cover, diamond plate floor kit custom dash and console from Virginia industrial plastics, custom steering wheel "if I can get my old one off lol", And when I pull my body I am sending my clutches to CCP for some machining. UPS and FedEx have a lot to drop off next week..I cant wait :thumbsup:


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Its to bring the sheaves closer together and let the belt ride higher on the clutch. I always wondered how much is machined off.I dont know if both surfaces are machined or just the spring side.


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Huh :thumbsup: does Ole Tom even come around here anymore? :dazed: I'm pretty sure he's still a sponsor. thinkin' he's a player on BGW. the big block guy, Yes