Dead Club Car 48v


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Hello, first post...

I have a used Club Car 48v (not sure the year but i may be able to find out if necessary). I was driving the cart and it just stopped going fwd or bwd. Before this happened the cart was very sluggish going uphill.

I charged the batts and checked them individually with a batt tester: they all produced 8.5v and showed 80% power ( I didn't give it a full charge but seemed to respond correctly), seems batts aren't the problem (I was told the batts were newish Trojans).

The other strange thing: while I had the seat off I decided to power wash the cart and now the back up warning buzzer is going faintly, decreased in volume when I removed one negative lead. The key was removed so I thought it would be safe. Also: when the cart died the reverse signal did buzz, pitch slightly changed when the accellerator engaged.

Any thoughts on what could be wrong and how to procceed?

thanks for your time,


Power washing under the seat isn't a good idea. You're better of just rinsing it off with a garden hose. Let it sit a day or so with the seat up and anything that was wet should be fine.

Check all you cable connections and make sure they're clean and tight.