dead cart


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Hi I have a 48 volt cart the solonoid will click on then the cart will lurch an inch then the solonoid will click again and it wont go I believe the problem is a solonoid unless any of you have other ideas... I have a solonoid from a 36 volt cart I am thinking about putting in. Do any of you know wether or not the solonoid can handle the load put on it by a 48 volt cart I dont want to burn out the solonoid. If any of you can shed light on this id apreciate it thank you


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It's not the load that is the problem, it's the voltage across the activating coil (small posts). The internal contacts (big posts) don't care if you put 36v or 48v, it just a connecting device.
If you are using 8x6v batteries in your cart you can wire the solenoid to 36v (2 batteries short of the full pack).
If you are using 6x8v batteries, your stuck with trying it on 32v (still 2 batteries short of the full pack) or 40v (1 short).
I haven't tried this so I'm not entirely sure what a solenoid will take before it burns out. If it is purely for a quick solenoid test, I would try the 32v 1st then the 40v.