Dead Battery


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I can charge my battery up and run my gas club car for just a while before the battery is dead and if i charge it and leave it sitting the battery will go dead.Any ideas on what my do this.


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it sounds like it could be a charging and/or battery problem, did you check the voltage with the engine running? i would start with charging the battery with the positive cable off and see if the battery holds a charge. if so your problem may be your voltage regulator.


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I agree with Nubs, before you start chasing gremlins, I would get a hydrometer or load tester and check the battery.


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I left the cables off and battery held a charge and i hook up cables and tested with volt meter while running and seeem to be charging.Anymore ideas to try.


It should be around 14 volts. If the battery and all your connections are good I'd lean toward it being a bad voltage regulator.