DCS Motor Upgrade With Stock Controller

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Could someone look at the pictures of the ID plate, controller and the F/R switch and tell me what I have.The F/R switch is located in the center of the cart.





Sorry about the focus on the last picture.


You would need to tell PQ you want a motor that will work with a stock DCS controller. They should be able to do one that will work.

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Cartaholic - R.I.P.
No this is Casper.Been wrong about the year all along.Trying to find my bill of sale to check to see what year it is written for. I'm fairly new to carting and had never checked the ID plate,especially since it is covered by the speaker. Andy was at Ocean Lakes over Labor Day weekend and we started to question what I had.

Pimp Daddy

Cartaholic - R.I.P.
Yes they build them,but they don't have any now.Talked with Andy,he said a cart shop in Easley,SC had 3 PQ motors for DCS on the shelf. May explore this option.