DC to AC Golf Cart Conversion


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Hi I am new to this forum and I was trying to get some advice. I was wondering what people think about the DC to AC conversion for golf carts and where I can get it at the most reasonable price.


I think the AC golf cart conversion is a little pricey. But if you want to go all out with your cart and dont mind spending $2000+ on the conversion it may be what your looking for.


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thanks for the reply do you know how well it performs? and if so do you know the goods and the bads about the system? thanks Russ


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I can answer all of your questions about the AC system. I have three of them. They range from 48 volts to 100 volts. I have done as much if not more with the AC cart than the Manufacturer has done. I was first to put 72 plus volts into a single seater. And they perform quite well. :thumbsup: