DC to AC Conversion Upgrade Cost?


^^That would be more than enough for me!!^^
Just a side question while were on this subject, do you measure the DOD while moving or not?


Depth of Discharge...I'm not sure if you are suppose to get the reading with the pedal up or down. I can ride for 85 minutes on my cart and it will go back up to 51+ volts when you come to a stop. Thats more than 100%. Moving it usually hovers around 49.5 - 50.8. That's with 8 6 volt sammy batteries.


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Ace . Ok

I had to dig out some papper work but here goes. I have a dash display in my cart. It is allways reading my system. It can tell you mph-rpm-F/R it can shut your cart down to 15mph if your batteries dropped below 20%. It will even display your text messages.

And yes it will even keep up with the volts.

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GB, we are lucky to have you. This Hyperperformance stuff is cutting edge and there are not that many people familiar with it. I think that this is the future. Even the stock electrics are nice to drive. But, 81 pounds of torque! What gasser can give you that? It must be like driving the baddest muscle car.