Dc cable from charger yanked out


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Hello all,,,have a Power drive 2...model 22110. friends' wife yanked out wires off of three connections (on the dc supply cord) when she drove off with this connected from what I am told...

there is a small spade female connector blue wire...that was pretty obvious where that goes. so that one is done.

then there is a black wire that goes through a fuse with a clear plastic cover and has a spade female on that...

then there is a red wire with a spade female on that...

Now one has to go to the back of the ammeter...

and the other has to go to the back wall of the unit,,,(heat sink, I believe)

don't know which...

can anyone please open theirs up and tell me? pretty much just need to know which way does the black wire from that fuse go,,,either to the back of the ammeter, or to the back wall with the heat sink/diode square thingy.

So grateful in advance...thanks!


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Wow, thanks for the fast reply and welcome.

Unfortunately it does not match up too well. I think my best bet is to hope someone can open their case and just tell me. there are three connections in mine, I hate to reverse them and throw the wrong polarity...also I am told nothing comes out of this charger UNTIL it is connected, so not being a electrical engineer, I am at a loss still.