DC Amp Reading on Club Car Charger


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I recently purchased a 1999 48v Elclectric Club Car and still learning about owning an electic cart. When I am charging the batteries what should the DC Amps be on the gauge on the charger. The charger is a Club Car Power Drive charger and it appears to be reading about 9 - 10 amps when I charged the batteries for a couple of hours. How often should I charge the batteries to maximize battery life(the cart has 08 Trojans in it)? Thanks for all the help...



Thats an automatic charger, plug it in and leave it till it shuts off. Could take 12 hours or more depending how low they are. Pack reading after charge should be 51.5 or a little higher. Make sure the plates are covered with distilled water before plugging it in.


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To add to the above post.
Check your batteries for water once a month, if the level is below the plates, put only enough distilled water in to cover the plates then charge. After charging it is OK to top up the batteries.
Clean the batteries with a baking soda and water solution then rinse with clear water.
Keep the connections clean and tight.
Recharge anytime you have more than 15 minutes of peddle time.
Never let the batteries get below 50% charge.


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Good info fellas...


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Thanks for the information everybody. This is a great place for someone just starting out to learn about carts.