Datel 2 wire volt meter


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Well I guess you told me

why whould you even bring scotty into this dildode?
because I wanted to!! I think your both immature little squirts.

everyone knows you have a chip on your shoulder with me and thats
ok cause i can take care of myself.
Well this is good to know Ill sleep a lot better tonight.

yes i know some of these guys have a beef with scotty
Scotty is a little baby along with you and Roady and enema ennis or whatever his name is. I see your trying to get TDAWG involved now that's taking care of yourself

thats their issue not mine or yours
Are you telling me what is my issue or not, guess again

just shows whos kissing arse here brother so you might want to go wipe the brown off your lips.
Its funny I said that the two of you were butt buddies and this is what you come up with, now that's real brain power, real original Shadow, pull something new out.

Have you DISed anybody on site lately, where the 5 or six of you get together (to disrespect someone) cowards always work in team's, where are your bitches now. Don't see you on bgw much lately guess you did not like it when sponsers were telling me to back off on the explanations, because it was over your head. You say you have been doing this for years, how embarrassing for you, scotty and the rest.

So Scotty was a carpenter no wonder he thinks he is J.C.

I apologize to the forum and everyone else who reads this, its a good forum but there are some bad people lingering.


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
i'm just thankful that HRC lets everyone post there opinion without getting run off