Datel 2 wire volt meter


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just found this on another site looks like a good deal

Digital Pannel Meter 199vdc 3.5dig Red Two Wire DMS-20PC-8-DCM-C Mouser 580-20PC-8-DCM-C $50.00


Where can we see it? It's fine to post links to other sites here...


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i have 5 of the meters from 3 different places and 3 different prices........2 that i got for 36 volt carts and 3 for 48 volt carts......heres my take so far......1 each of a 36 and 48 volt that i paid 20 bucks plus shipping the 48 volt lasted all of 2 days the 36 lasted 2 days longer......2 that i paid 50 bucks for one 36 volt and one 48 volt and the 48 volt lasted 3 days but the 36 volt is still going.......and i have 1 that i paid 60 bucks for its a 48 far after a month its still going..........what i see is the 60 dollar unit is by far the best made of the 5 the other 4 the back where the electronics are is all exposed and the wires coming off of it are either 16 or 18 gage very small and flimsey, i think moisture is going to be a real issue in the near future........the expensive one is completly sealed in the rear and you can put your own gage wire on but with the others you can,t................and theres no way to seal the cheaper ones without having it cover the #,s and you won,t be able to read it......i tried that............i figured i could use some liquid rubber to seal everything but that didn,t as of now and after wasting about a hundred bucks or so i,ll stick with the better one no matter who sells it......................


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Here's my take on meters for your cart:
The OP posted the standard meter that is made by Datel and available to anyone for $50.
Link to Datel meter: Datel DC Panel Meters
They are waterproof but unless they are in a cart that has no electronics on it like a stereo or lights with waterproof switches I think they are overkill.

I use a simple 2 wire meter that I bought a year ago for $15 and it is accurate from 8v to 60v.
I also have a toggle switch on mine so I can also monitor the 12v system in the cart by simply flipping the switch to read either the 48v pack or the 12v accessory voltage.
Here is where I got my meter: DC Panel Voltmeter

Here's a photo of my meter:

If you have a real concern with moisture you can always apply a conformal coating available in spray cans that will water proof the whole thing. You can also spray the circuit board in your stereo, or anything else for that matter, with the stuff to make it a marine version.
There's enough in a can to last you 100 years: Conformal Coating Spray


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Its funny the other poster pushes this same meter on another site and was very angry when I posted it there. Saying this is wrong you posted this here because our sponsors sell that same meter. (for over 70 + dollars)
Below I posted the specs for him knowing he has no idea what this unit is

you will see line 6, oh wait it is epoxy-encapsulated !!!

Self-Powered, No External Power Required
Easy to Install: Only Two Connections
Voltages: 3.3/9/12/15/24/36V and –48V
Resolution to 0.01V; Accuracies to 10mV
Reverse-Polarity and Transient Protected
Rugged, Epoxy-Encapsulated Construction, (LED models)
LED models are water resistant from the front
LCD models are not water resistant
Reliable, Screw-Terminal Connectors
Replacements for 2-Wire Analog Meters

this is a high priced meter!! and dougmcp I really like the idea of being able to switch between different outputs really good idea especially for people who have separate batteries for stereo and or a reducer.



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gaminde or diode or C.C2006 or whatever you want to call yourself please don,t come here and run your mouth that was me who said it was wrong to post that there and yes it was.....thats why you got banned may be ok to post it here and i respect their right to let you put the link here thats how they run it here but theres no need to run here and wine about it DH.......................................................


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Well lets see here your first post was the meter was no good don't buy it, but your second post states that posting it on another site got me banned because its sold by site sponsors, so they must be bad also. and it was you that said that you can't even own up to that, GEEZ!!!!

I can't believe your even on this site, you have done nothing but bash it on another site for months at least the four I was there. You tell stories on how you told the people who run theses two sites where to go and how to get there, what was wrong with there site, and you all posted on how these administrators came to you and begged for your help.

I am here and on other sites to help people!! not like you and your clones who guess on whats wrong or say things like I never seen that before, don't know the difference between series and parallel circuits and try to sell parts.

Then get upset when people post where to buy parts without going through third and forth party sellers for the money. You brag about DIS_ing people on the other site. I'm an adult I don't DIS, I actually had to look it up in an urban/slang dictionary, A form of disrespecting someone you do this right on site where rules mean nothing to you or you clones, Oh that's right there the site administrators!! you and your clones are very immature.

I made a good post If you didn't like it go somewhere else, but don't start bashing things you don't and can't understand.

It's not your site no one cares if you respect there right to post a link. reread your post I may live in wine country but I certainly wasn't the one wining.


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DH stands for Dick Head!! this is the second time you have called me that, only my friends call me that!


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Here is another Datel Digital meter for less money two wire also

Datel Digital Panel Meter 18-90 VDC Two Wire LCD DMS-20LCD-2-DCM-C Mouser 580-20LCD-2-DCM-C $30.00

some people claim these can be used on 12 volts the specs say
18 to 90 vdc on this one
and the other one says
30 to 199 vdc
so be careful some sellers are misrepresenting these meters


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TDAWG isn't that the meter you sell ????
that was some quality entertainment right there.

heres my meter. it was $5 on eBay...


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thats a nice setup tell me more was the software on the palm free, cable ?,

you cheep bastard


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