Dash cover installation


I am trying to install a dash cover on a 00 EZGO Workhorse and am having tremendous difficulty. It is a very tight fit around the cup holders. Is there a trick to make it completely slide over the cup holders? It almost seems like the dash cover was formed wrong. There is a 1'' gap between the key switch plate and the dash cover no matter how hard I push. Any tips/suggestions? Thanks


I finally got it to slip over the cup holders but now my little fingers hurt.
I assume by the 2 holes in the dash cover and the gap between it and the old dash that the key switch plate needs to be removed and mounted to the dash cover. The key switch plate has 2 lips on the top to hold it in place. Why can't I get it to catch on the dash cover? Is it suppose to?

Where are the correct locations to drive the screws through?
I have a workhorse like yours with a dash cover. There are 3 screw holes on it . One on the bottom of the cup holder and 1 on each side at the corner of the glove box. The cupholders were a tight fit on mine also but by pushing in while inserting the screw made for a tighter fit in the middle of the dash. I had to insert another screw on the inside of the glove box door to get the outside corners to fit,don't see why you couldn't do the same thing except on the inside corner. I used short drywall screws for mine. I hope this helps sorry I didn't see your post sooner. Eric


Thanks Eric. I got it installed and it looks good. Also drilled holes for the gauges. Can't decide if I should leave the chrome backing plate on or off.

I love these Workhorse's.