Dana limited slip for electric UTV?


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I just discovered this forum this afternoon. I have a 2005 Toro Workman electric with a Dana-Spicer differential. This differential has no locking or limited slip capability as far as I can discern. Is there a kit or replacement differential that would give me this capability? Here are all the numbers off the sticker that is on the differential:
S.N. 1435109
012AJ336 1
5/25/05 (manuf date I assume)
16.99-1 (gear ratio I assume)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Some have welded the spiders but it really affects your steering control.
The only limited slip I know of for a Dana rear axle is sold by BU for the EZGO cart with the Dana rear axle. You would have to do some more research to see if it will fit your application.
Here's the link to the product: Limited Slip Differential
As a word of warning, question and confirm any statements made by the seller.