Custom Seat Covers and full Assemblies


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Custom Seat covers and full seat assemblies.
Covers you staple on start at $69.00 for one tone, 119.00 for two tone, piping availible for 39.00 extra, plus shipping.
Can send photos of work and even a mock up of your color choice.

Full Seat assemblies also availible for most models. Just remove your seats and replace, comes assembled with cover, foam, and backs.
NFL, and other Logos also availible at additional cost.

email me for photos of seats and pricing info
[email protected]

* Customized To Your
* Marine Grade Vinyl
* Top Quality  Craftsmanship /  Over 40 Years
* Variety Of Color Combinations* Two & Three Tone Stripes Available In All Seat Styles* Camouflage Seat Covers, Staple On & Pull On
* Camouflage Pull On Tops
* Black Molded & Flat Plastic caps Available For Seat Backs

* UPS & Truck Line      
Thanks Tom!


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No I am not Tom, did not know there was another bussiness by the same name! We are a mom and pop store that has been selling local cart parts to the Wisconsin resorts and campgrounds looking to go nationally. We have everthing you need for your carts at great prices.

Speacials like seat covers, battery desulfators 99.00
16-12 30 amp converters 89.00
Tops with built in skylights coming soon for 289.00
Off road top mount light kit coming soon prices vary

If you are looking for somthing, drop me a line....


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