Custom roll cage ideas or pics?


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I have a stretched ezgo that I am wanting to design and build a custom roll cage for, looking for any advice or tips you guys may have. What type of metal what size diameter etc...This will be my hunting buggy...Ill be adding a lift and tires...I am going to make a canopy top that buttons down to the roll cage...and I have a handicap brother that hunts with me so I will also make a button up blind that drapes around the cart...Thanks for any help in designing the roll cage!


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I'm building a Yamaha G1, and have found it to be alot easier to start with a "known strong" setup and modify it to fit. I bought a cage off a rhino with seatbelts and hardware for $50. I am using matching size DOM tubing to sleeve the inside of the tube where Ineeded to narrow it or lengthen it to fit the cart. I've had to do some custom bending, but not near as much as if I started with a pile of tubing! Hope this gives you some direction.


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MrWicked I have bought a used cart with the same style roll cage as the pics you have posted, what company makes them and how do I contact them?

Secondly it has some aftermarket parts from a company called DMI Racing, anyone heard of them?


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Randy (Mr. Wicked) might not check a thread from 5 years ago. You can contact him through their website...

Randy probably built those cages.