CUSTOM BUILT WORKHORSE *27hp Kawasaki V-Twin beast


It's true I am having to sell my favorite Workhorse. This has been my personal cart and baby since it was new. Recently I just finished completely restoring and customizing it from the ground up. Every inch of the cart was extensively gone through and built back up with the best parts out there. The original engine was replaced with a monster 750cc 27hp Kawasaki water cooled V-Twin. I built this cart for my family to use but we need to sell to help fund a growing list of other projects at home.

This cart is listed for sale on ebay. The reserve is set super super super low at 3900 which is what I will take for it for a quick sale. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone to get into the big block game!! Please if interested come and take it out for a spin. I don't think you will be disappointed.


Damn Ace I hate to see you sell that cart. If you were closer I'd scarf if up in a heartbeat. Someone is going to get a fine ride at a good price...


Cartaholic - R.I.P.
Someone got a very nice cart at a very low price. I know you wanted to sell this cart, yet I am sad for you. I have half again as much invested into a cart not half as nice. The trouble is, you have to do it to learn how much it costs. I would never have believed it had I not learned by trial.


Thanks guys. I'm already starting to miss the Workhorse. I do have another project or two that I think will help ease the pain.First one is a 1983 Honda Civic wagon which is being converted to fully electric power. I started working on it this week and also tried out the new engine hoist. No more broken backs!

Think it will fit?

And these 2000-2004 Club Cars just arrived today. I never owned a club car before. Working on these will be a nice change.