Cushman Truckster 3 Cylinder Suzuki Help!


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Hey guys. I'm working on a Cushman Truckster, model # is 898659. It has a 3 cylinder Suzuki engine. I can not make this thing fire. I've replaced the ignition coil which helped nothing. The only thing that has been modified is the fuel pump. It went out and instead of going with the OEM pump, a parts house pump was installed. The original pump had a 3 wire harness that plugged into the main wire harness while the new pump only has 2 wires. Could something with the wiring for the fuel pump cause this? I'm not sure what two wires to tie together from the fuel pump to the ignition coil and when I get a hot wire and a ground at the ignition coil, I still have no spark? Any ideas? Thanks guys for all yall's help.