Cushman slow in F, fast in R?


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I finally cleaned up my 73 Cushman and checked wiring, batteries, etc. but I notice when I put it in Forward, it seems slow and sluggish but when I put it in Reverse, it takes off and seems strong and faster. Anyone ever heard if this? Thanks in advance, Billyzack

old cart fart

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hi' old cart fart here, some things to check take the plastic cover off the wiper arm box if it is still there. with key off or battery unhooked. press accelerator to floor and see where your last contact ends. it should be aligned up with contact for best connection if not you can adjust the linkage on it till it is correct. if the shifter feels a little sloppy or hard to go from forward to reverse check the plastic bushing the shaft goes thru on drivers side if it is missing a piece where the shaft may contact the metal housing it may be throwing the alignment off on your f/r switch. if bushing is broke or gone a piece of plastic tubing with I/d the same as shaft will work as replacement. i mentioned the bushing cause the next thing may be a little harder to check that is the f/r switch contacts the two bars that go from forward to reverse have a gray or paper like liner between the contact and the metal piece on the lever. I have found that on my cart that it was arcing under the liner where it cracked from old age etc. and the shifter bushing being gone made the connection to body. it still moved but but not liked it should have. and last but not least but easy to check is the what i call the dead man brake the falloff brake as some call is a rod under the seat that when you sit down it releases the brake just push it down to see if the brake linkage is working as it should providing it is still there on these old carts you never know what been worked on or changed. oh before i space it out if the liner on the contacts are bad you can do a quick fix with a piece of black roofing paper cut to size. hope this helps you out. as for making it go faster I,m working on a kit for my model 435 if it works out i'll be putting one on gc300 golfster and i'll let you know how it turns out. sorry this is long, later old cart fart