Cushman Limo Golf Cart $6500


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This is a newly rebuilt Cushman Limo Golf Cart. Has a lift kit with All Sport's independent front suspension, Jake's disk brake kit on front, hydrolic brakes on the back, New 18hp Briggs-Stratton Vanguard VTwin motor with flat head pistons, Chettah Cam. Pushing around 40 hp, new front and rear clutches. Newly upholstered seats, fresh paint, and rhino-lined floors. Tires are Swamp Fox 28x12x12 and ITP SS 12" Wheels. The rear seat folds down to haul cargo. This cart is 2-wheel drive. VERY COMFORTABLE AND POWERFUL CART. $6500

Will trade for a nice pickup, boat, motorcycle, or small car or tell me what you have. Email photos and descriptions of trade.

Consign-MART, Inc.
5607 Hwy. 58, Harrison, TN
423-475-5001 / cell: 352-425-7444

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Seen the exact same cart on craigslist. Oops, noticed that was mentioned in the topic, my mistake.


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That's a nice cart, it would be hard if not impossible to build it for that price.

S2MFH, thanks and god bless!!


Thanks guys i'm humbled. Gonzo, I noticed you said you were moving to TN. Are you here yet, if so, where are you located. I can't seem to find anybody in the local area for parts, tech. help, etc.


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I'm still in NJ. I'm moving to McMinnville, TN. That's about 110 miles from Clarksville. As far as parts and tech help goes... Check the sponsors and vendors on this site for parts and the forum for tech help. All I know about glf carts is how to drive them, and I don't that to well.