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Hello all, I am Billyzack from Phoenix and I am glad to find someone that maybe to help me. I just bought a 73 Cushman Golfster at a garage sale for $150. It runs great, everything works, needed a charger but I found one. Problem; I am going to donate this cart to an Animal Rescue Foundation here in Arizona for abandoned and mistreated animals. The cart runs but is not very powerful and pretty slow. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I can replace the motor for a higher torque one to get some more power and to see if there is anything I can do about the jerky motion that happens when the pedal is pressed. They will be moving animals and I would hate to see one fly off of the back because of the jerking. I am not a cart expert and don't know where to start. I see 36V motors on Ebay but I don't know if they are the right one or if they will work. I don't have the money to put it in the shop so I would like to pick your brains on how to make this cart a usable cart for these very compassionate people. They have a few acres and it would be nice for them to have a small cart to move animals and supplies around and I would really like to do this for them. The cart goes about 10MPH with me on it and really bogs down with more than one person. I would apperciate any ideas. Thanks in advance, Billyzack from Phoenix


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The top speed on that cart stock is 10-12 MPH. The first thing you should do is test the batteries and make sure they're good. Check and replace any cables that have bad ends. Clean up ALL the cable connections. The motor could be sent in to EMP and reworked for some added speed and torque but the cost will be $250+

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Hi,new to forum but not to cushmans. I've redone a couple of gc300 and gc400's. with the problem of jerking as you push the accl. peddle down. when checking your connections check the wiper board to see if it is flat or warped in any way. (with a non metalic straight edge)or with power unhooked(suggested). As the wiper arm travels across the contact points there may be a small gap and momentary lost of power. you may also want to check the wiper arm contact and studs for burn marks or pitting indicating poor contact they should be smooth and equal in height. I've also had this problem on other carts as they age. hope this helps.