Cushman brake job


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Hello Hot Rod,
My brakes on my 1975 Cushman are grinding a little bit. Do you know if it is a simple task to replace the brake pads? Any suggestions?
Any idea where I could purchase the pads for an old cart?
Thank you!


The brake shoes are not hard to replace.

Check Vintage Golf Cart Parts. Use the search there for Cushman. They carry the brake shoes and other Cushman parts


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Guestimater, this may pose a challenge. If your cart is like mine the brakes aren't on the wheels but actually on the driveshaft of the cart. I haven't looked into it but you may have trouble finding those parts as it is a disc kinda like a clutch in a car

Edit: I just checked and Hot Rod is on top of his game. Vintage golf cart parts has them and no too badly priced being as though you only need one brake disc.


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Thanks cheeze for the information.
Hopefully I can do this project in the next couple of weeks.
I'll let you know how things went.