Curtis 1204-001 Speed Controller


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I need a Curtis 1204-001 Speed Controller Replacement for no more then 50.00 dollars.Its for a 1990 EZ GO Marathon. See link to thread for more details.The controller can be used but it needs to work like an average normal controller able to perform like normal.


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You may be able to find a used one for $50-$100.
If you get one it needs to be a 0-5K throttle, not 5K-0 or ITS.
They're like light bulbs, they work or they don't and no one I know can tell you when they will fail.
What makes you think your controller needs replacing?


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Did you check all the main wires? the ones to the motor, controller, F&R & batteries. ( big 4 or 6 ga. wires) the clicking you are hearing could be a loose wire sparking as your running along.
i find that to be 90% of the problems I deal with on the carts I work on is loose or broke wires.