Crazy Golf Cart Parts Sales


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Well I have to say, the golf cart industry is somewhat of a odd hobby. Not the carting its self, but some of the companies that sell golf cart parts are crazy IMO. I do really enjoy my new found golf cart, I have about 3-4 months involved in where it is now, so maybe this thought is somewhat premature due to my little time with the involvment of this hobby.

The first purchase was a basket case EZGO golf cart that was over the sellers head for parts swapping, and the sale included alot of items for a big block swap. Being new to this hobby, purchased the cart and items, then started to look into what it would need to complete the cart. It really amazed me how many businesses would not talk with you over the phone. Don't get me wrong, there were a handfull that would leed you in the right direction, and so then I purchased the items, but the majority acted as if they had no time for you while waisting there time, and would respond with one word replies, like your going to figure out a secret from them on how to recreate the Hope diamond or something. :rotflmao: Owning a business myself, Im amazed how these owners keep any customers, I guess Im kinda old school with running a business, eh...who knows.

The real issue of this thread is what happened this week. I had purchased some items to the tune of about 250.00 for the cart. What items is really unimportant, as is the name of the company, no need to bash.
With new parts always comes the exitement for the install and being able to progress with the hobby for me. The package showed, was missing one part, eh... not a big deal, I will call and get it figured out, the item will really work without it, just a saftey feature anyway....... Then, get to looking closer, the item looks used? Had hints of over spray on it, and a couple of the bolts look rounded, surface is dinged-up...WTF!!! You know, this item will work, and no one will ever see that close-up,but with fatigue and heat cycles?How long has it been actually in use?? Everything comes to mind after I discover the used item.

It really just comes down to the point of it, I produce a superior product that is NEW in my business, my customer is purchasing it NEW! Personally, when this kind of stuff happens to me it burns me to no end.

Almost like they hoped I did not see it, it had to be that way, or else it would have been brought to my attention before shipping " hey, we are out of all of these certain parts at the moment, we could pull one off our current in shop cart and sell it to you for half price, or you can wait for our shipment in a week or so" kind of comment.It was admitted when I called them it was a used item off there cart because they were out of the item(s)......

Anyway, sorry to ramble on, just look over your orders, you might be suprised in what is getting shipped. All the good businesses out there in this hobby, hats off to you, I will be ordering and spending time and time again. :thumbsup:


Don't be afraid to post the info on where you bought the parts and what parts they were. One of the main goals of this site is to help people with reviews on parts and where to buy them. Selling used parts as new is unacceptable and if this is true feel free to post the name of the company that did this.


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Well I'll add my :twocents: to the conversation. I too, wish to keep the name of this shop anonymous because I may be forced to do business with them again at one time and don't want to be on a "blacklist".

I bought my EZGO about 2 months ago. I bought it from a shop who sells boating accessories and works on large boats, but had a client who owns his own golf course not too far from where I live.

The story was the guy had far too many golf carts to maintain, as the course was/is private and only he and his close friends play it. The shop that sold me the cart had one cart parked in front of their home which has a big semi commercial shop beside it.

There were probably about 15 carts and the guy was asking $1800. I bickered with him and got it for $1300. Loaded it up in a small trailer and took it home. I knew nothing about carts except that years ago I played customer golf several times a week and enjoyed driving them. (I have a 4wd Honda, and rebuild old Gravely tractors for fun, including rewiring them)

It was charged up and I took it for a spin with my 12 year old grandaughter in it to make sure it worked okay, then turned the wheel over to her. After about 30 minutes she came back saying it had slowed down considerably.

We put the charger on it, and it begain charging with the needle buried in a full charge. Next morning we go out and the charger isn't making a sound. On the front of the charger was a small glass window that showed a blown fuse. In addition, I raised the seat, and three wires, a black, a red, and a white were burned with the insulation melted and the wires visibly charred.

I opened the caps of the batteries and the very back rows where you lift the little hinged plate up to access them all were dry to the point I could see an inch of so of dried plates sticking up. I filled them with distilled water (had not yet read the part about covering the plates an 1/8th inch. charging them, and then topping off.)

I cut the wires, stripped them, and put new connectors on them, refastening them to the post. Took the charger back to the boat place where the young guy gave me another used one (no fuse under glass,) front scratched so that I cannot read the brand. It was being used to charge another cart when I walked into his shop with him.

Brought it back home, used soda and water and a steel brush and cleaned all terminals and battery tops. Dried it off with compressed air, hooked up the charger, and it began to charge at a full rate. The guy had told me I could leave the charger on all the time. I am hard of hearing and cannot hear when it is on or off. I removed the charger and my grandaughter took off. About 30 minutes later she came back with the cart visibly much slower.

I opened the seat up, checked for water again, it was ok, so I hooked the charger up overnight. Next morning I went out to check, and the the same wires were melted and burned about 3 inches up the wire. I had replaced 3 interconnecting cables that fell off when I touched them. I checked them again and they were ok. I took the charger off and there it sits.

I wasn't, and still am not positive which model I have. I posted the numbers on here and one gentleman was kind enough to tell me he thinks it is a 2001. But what model? It says Textron on the back. Is that the TXT referred to in the forums. Clubcar? Medalist? I'm confused. I live in southern Louisiana and called the nearest shop. The guy was brusque and abrupt, and alluded to the fact that more than half the problems with carts nowadays were due to the owners who know nothing screwing up and replacing wrong parts, etc. I owned Shell stations back when we had 4 service bays, and built and ran my own drag cars for several years at Union Hill, so I am not typical, even though I never had a golf cart.

His tone was insulting and he would not give me any info over the phone, not even the model. He said the minute I brought it in, the service rate of $75 per hour started and that was just for diagnosis. He made no guarantees because he couldn't be sure if I had screwed it up in the brief things I had done to it. Repairs could run from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand. I thanked him for his "gracious" attitude and hung up.

Now, I am not sure which cart model I have so I don't know which parts and service manuals to buy. Again. it has the numbers in the passengers glove compartment, with B201 as the first, on top, (as a part of the serial number) and underneath it it has 1345021. It has a single headlight in front. It also has a number in the passenger glove box marked "Type" and what looks like KG3601.

There is a plate on the dash listing safety procedures that also has this number: 27647G01

I am going to attempt to attach a few pics to help identify it. I apoligize for writing a novel, but want to give you in the know as much info as I can.

I know noobies can be a pain but you guys seem to have the best forum and are the most knowledgeable. I appreciate any and all advice you can give me.



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You have a 2001 TXT, series cart in need of some serious TLC.
The burned cables are from loose or corroded connections or both.
First of, I would replace all the battery cables with 4ga welding cable.
Don't strip any wires, replace them and use new connections.
After that you can assess the battery and charger condition.
Batteries that have been low on water may be a problem and may not recover but they may come back to the point where the cart is usable for what you are doing.
Using a digital meter, post up the total pack voltage and the individual battery voltages.
At full charge your pack voltage should be around 38.2v.


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Looked at the photo's and I would say it is 2001, TXT model with the "E" for non DCS car.
Lots of stuff get thrown at ya and confusion happens.
You do have serious corrosion and I would use some baking soda and water and a stiff wire brush!
Make a diagram of the wiring on batteries and ant accessory wires. Remove all the cables, clean the battery tops with the baking soda water solution, stiff wite brush the posts. Make sure all the nuts are stainless steel. If you repair any battery cables (you should) make sure to solder the copper lugs on!
Cut off any accessory wires to clean copper and install new ends with solder.
Put all the wiring back on and put it on charge, when fully charged, read each battery seperately and wite down your readings. Any batter that reads .5 lower than the others needs to be charged seperately to boost it up.


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Nothing like a bunch of knowledgeable folks when you don't know exactly where to start. Seems you are all agreeing on the year and model. And on the condition. I'm going to take your advice and replace every wire or cable that even looks bad. By the way, where is a place to get a good price on batteries if I wind up with some damaged ones?

Gentlemen, thanks a million for your help. It is greatly appreciated. I will post my progress as it comes.



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My suggestion would be Sam's Club, GC-2's are about $72 apiece. Replace the whole set at once if you decide you need new ones.