Couple videos of my club car and dyno info lol


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Saturday we were bored and put my club car on the dyno. Made 4.8 rwhp and 6.5 tq, but was able to spin the dyno up to 24 mph :). My friends' ezgo made 5 rwhp and 6.8 tq, but could only get to 16 mph

We then took the cart outside to make sure it was "ok"
. I let my friend Kinson get on it, and heres what happened after that lol.

Almost rolls it

Dirt hill climb lol

Also found out, that the Club Car is very very sensative to it's airbox. In an attempt to make more power I opened the air box to the air. The engine did not like it at all, and ran very lean. I then just left the air filter out and it still didn't like. Made the best power with the air box in tact.