Converting yamaha from 2 seater to 4 seater


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I am new to posting, but here goes. I have a 2 seater Yamaha 2010 gas golf cart and would like to convert it to a 2/4 seater. I do not want the permanent conversion type, but rather the convertible type which when you put up the back seat and leg rest you have a 2 seater and when you put them down it is a 4 seater. The one conversion kit I have seen that does this hides the back tail lights when it is in the two seater position. The tail lights only show when the seat and foot rest are down. Does anyone out there have a suggestion as to how to not hide the tail lights or is there a kit out there which makes allowances for this.



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Well its obvious your new..

You posted a Yamaha topic in the Club Car forum.

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Just curious what is the advantage of it converting back to a 2 seater? Do you mean a flip seat that turns into a bed for hauling cargo?