Converting Electric to Gas Club Car

I have a 2007 electric Club Car DS that I have tried to sale for last several months with no luck; so I am thinking about installing a gas engine in it. I know I need the engine; and rear axle assembly; which I can get off of ebay. Can anyone tell me what else I will need ?


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You'll find it cheaper and less hassle to sell the electric and buy a gas cart.
A 2007 DS cart is popular, how much are you asking for it and where have you tried advertising it?
Thanks for the response. I have been told that before. I tried selling on Ebay;Craigslist; attached it to twitter and My Space and have it in about 200 free ads. I started out asking $5895 and have dropped it to $4995 and still no response. There isn't anything wrong with it. It is like new; but where I go on vacation I can only charge it with a generator off my motor home and I don't like to run the generator any more than I have to.