Converting Electric Club Car to Gas 13 HP Honda Clone Engine


Have another project I'm excited to work on. This lucky cart was an electric 2002 Club Car that I am converting to gas using an EZGO rear end and a new Honda clone engine. (these are in random order)

I finished the engine cradle and mounted the engine.

I designed the engine cradle to mount on top of the axle so that it has more ground clearance and a better chance of not dragging over rocks.

The tires are 25 x 12.50 and the Z bracket lifts 10" up and 5" out. I ordered wheel spacers to go all around, but will probably only use them in the front so it matches the width of the rear. I've installed a Z lift before but this is the first one I fabricated. I built it out of 2 x 1 x .120 wall tubing and added a 2" square tube vertically for extra support.

Engine cradle almost finished

Engine crade with cross members welded in.

Cool weld-on heim joint I found at tractor supply

Building the engine cradle from 1 1/4 11ga mild steel tubing and 2 x 1 tubing

13hp clone engine with the 2 year warranty. These things really are peppy!

More to come!


I find them on ebay or HF. For the money I don't think they could be beat. I had one in a yamaha G2 with 26" mud tires and the cart was a blast to drive. The clones seem to hold up really well and this one at least has a 2 year warranty.