Converting a Electric Golf Cart To Gas


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Was wondering what the pitfalls of converting a electric golf cart to gas might be. The cart is my grandfathers and I would like to do it for him. Have time, some ability, little money. I was looking at a engine from Power Max 16 Hp., 1'' Shaft, Recoil/Electric Start Engine - XP16HPE

The XP16HPE Features
4 Stroke OHV engine.
Full EPA and CARB Approval.
Start System: Recoil / Electric.
Ignition System: Transistorized Magneto.
Air Cleaner: Dual, Semi-dry, Oil Bath, Cyclone.
Includes Power Panel
Max Output: 16.0 HP / 3600 RPM.
Max Torque: 28.5 Nm / 21.0 ft/lb.
Displacement: 419ml, Bore: 90, Stroke: 66.
Shaft Size: 1" Dia, 2-3/4" Long, 1/4" Keyway, shaft end drilled & tapped w/ 3/8" 24 UNF.
Dimensions: 20.47" L, 18.5" W, 22.0" H.
• Shipping Weight: 83.00 lbs.

I know it wont win any drags but hes over 80 and I'd like him to have something he doesn't
always need to recharge. I also know that people will say sell buy a gas golf cart but that isnt possible right now.

Thanks for all replies


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Personally I think at 80 years old plugging in the battery charger is a lot easier and safer than refueling. Not to mention having to go get and pay for the gas. The electric bill comes to the house.


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You will need a lot of money. Actually the cost to convert would probably be more expensive than buying another gas golf cart.


What make and model is the cart? Most newer golf carts won't move when the charger is plugged in. I agree with WALKNTALL the cost will be high. You would be better off selling the electric cart and buying a gasser. The biggest "pitfall" is the rearend. You would need a rear end from a 4 stroke gas cart if you want reverse.