Converting a 2004 Club Car Precedent from Electric to Gas


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NEW HERE. I'm Converting a 2004 Club Car Precedent from electric to gas, starting with replacing the electric rear axle assembly with a gas assembly.
Has anyone on the forum done something similar? I've seen a lot of using the electric rear axle, but I need reverse. I bought a new unitized rear end for a Club Car DS, and need to know which way it gets installed.

A. Driven convertor pulley to left or right side of cart?
B. Does it need a clockwise or counter clockwise rotation?
C. Does it matter if I install in backwards? Forward is Reverse and Reverse is Forward? I know there is a difference in gearing, but would it hurt the rear axle running it in the wrong direction?

Thanks for any input. Just want it right for wife.


A - The clutches are on the right side
B - That will depend on what year the gas Club Car the rear end is from (See C)
C - A few years back a lot of people were installing clockwise rotation engines in Club Cars that were originally counter clockwise without isssues to the rear end. Club Car changed to clockwise engine rotation in 1997 and up. If I was doing the electric to gas conversion I would look for the rear end designed for the engine rotation you plan on using.


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Thanks, my engine is a Lifan 420cc with CC rotation. If I turn engine with torque convertor on right, it'll be a clockwise rotation. Rear end and Cart are early 2000's so this will work out perfectly. Thanks what a load off my chest.